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In addition, we provide a personal website for each homeowner so they can follow the progress of their home during construction and can easily use it after they close to communicate any warranty questions. Our multi-tiered, 10-year warranty and dedicated warranty department ensure that your home will be a source of pride on the day you close and in the years to come. At David Weekley, we want to earn your business every day and make you a David Weekley customer for life. Q: How do you ensure my new home will be healthy and eco-friendly? Tamara, Bolingbrook A: We are one of very few builders in Illinois that has earned Environments for Living Platinum level certified. EFL is a third party rating system of rigorous standards and inspections that we do on EVERY home we build. Our fresh air intake system and air balancing techniques keep allergens low and eliminate cooking odors faster. The advanced 2-by 6-foot construction allows for more insulation in your walls and attic, keeping heating and cooling usage low, your home energy efficient, equal comfort level throughout your home, all while still being kind to the environment. As a precautionary measure we also put in Passive Radon Systems because our homeowners are very important to us. We want to make sure that if radon were present in the soil that it would be vented out the path of least resistance through this PVC pipe and out your roof.

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The senator launched an extraordinary attack on the state Labor government in the Senate on Monday after proposing a debate on the prosecution of Christians in southeast Queensland, claiming the government was pressuring police to persecute Christian street preachers. He claims street preachers from the organisation Operation 513 are prosecuted for intimidating police by using the word "reverend" and facing fines worth tens of thousands of dollars for having peaceful conversations with members of the public. "This is a direct and astonishing assault on Christianity. Our world has gone mad," Senator Roberts told parliament. "Has the Queensland premier prosecuted anyone for the use of the word `imam'? Perhaps `rabbi' offends the extreme left who are now running Queensland. "The left, peppered with hateful anti-Semites, will soon use this success in Queensland to turn on the Jewish community - I have no doubt." Senator Roberts urged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make a public statement about Australia's Christian heritage and for parliament to protect Christian dignity, insisting preachers were being "hunted down and persecuted everywhere in Australia". "One would think this is Saudi Arabia, however it is southeast Queensland." The Palaszczuk government had contempt for the Christian community and used "Gestapo-like tactics" against them, "yet vicious sects with violent views and threats are left unpunished for far worse crimes". "Heaven forbid a unionist or a Muslim in this country ever be brought to heel within the bounds of the law," he said. Labor's Anthony Chisholm said there were reports the preachers had been harassing people and telling schoolies on the Gold Coast they would go to hell for being drunk, being Muslim and having sex outside of marriage.

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