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And, aside from a bump in 2009 when increased first-home buyer grants were introduced to bring forward demand in the wake of the global financial crisis, the decline has been part of a long-standing trend. At the same time, the amount of lending going to investors, aside from a brief glitch recently caused by a regulator-enforced slowdown to cool investor activity in the market, has been steadily moving higher. Business Insider It stood at 39% in January, and is seemingly increasing back towards the record highs seen in 2015. "As the level of lending to investors has increased over recent years, it has done so at the expense of owner occupier first-home buyers," said Kusher in a blog posted on the CoreLogic website. "Except for briefly in 1992, investors have consistently outweighed owner occupier first-home buyers in terms of housing finance demand." And while the proportion of lending going to investors is greater than to first-time owner occupiers in all Australian states and territories, it's clear that the gap between the two is not consistent across the country. Here's the same chart shown above, but only for New South Wales. Just 3.4% of lending in New South Wales went to first-time owner occupiers in January, the lowest level on record. In comparison, lending to investors rose to 46.9%, the highest proportion since July 2015 before APRA's 10% annual cap on investor credit growth began to bite. And this is the same chart for Victoria. Like New South Wales, the proportion of lending to first-time buyers in the state fell to 7.7%, a record-low.

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