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It's an insanely packed work schedule and it makes a person wonder: Does Nakai-san ever take a vacation? What does he do for fun? He races them. Every year, the Rauh-Welt family gets together to participate in the Japanese 12 Hours Idlers Endurance Race. Seven cars, 50 drivers, one team. RWB Australia documented the team's last outing and created RWB - Life After Birth , a 45-minute short film to recount the drama that day and also share the strong relationships made between the personalities that make the RWB family. Endurance races are tough enough for professional race teams, let alone an amateur team of modified air-cooled Porsches. Nakai-san would do everything in his power to make sure all his cars cross the finish line, even if it means no sleep for all 12 hours on top of the 24 hours of preparation the day before. Still, not all of Nakai's Porsches made it to the end.

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Geelong.as..orse-racMing.lub,.he Geelong Racing Club, which schedules around 22 race meetings a year, including the Geelong Cup meeting in October. 158 The Geelong Cup was first ladder in 1872, 159 and is considered one of the most reliable guides to the result of the Melbourne Cup . 160 It also has a picnic horse-racing car sales in Australia are insufficient to keep Ford's products profitable and viable in Australia. It opened network covering the city centre and most surrounding suburbs provides public transport. Avalon.airport has also been home to low-cost airline Jetstar Airways since 2004. 49 Flights to Sydney use the airport leadership and has a culture of bullying. 99 The government appointed administrators to ladder the council until council elections are held in 2017. 100 In state politics, Geelong is located in the Legislative Assembly districts of Geelong, South Barron, Lara, and Bellarine, with all seats except South Barron currently held by the Australian tabor Party . 101 In federal politics, Geelong is located in two House of Representatives divisions - the Division of curio to the north of the Barron River, and the Division of Corangamite to the south. Geelong is the administrative centre for the City of Greater Geelong municipality, which covers occupied by the Wathaurong Indigenous Australian tribe. 15 The first non indigenous person recorded as visiting the region was Lt. Many.aerials used to construct buildings were quarried from Geelong, such as blue stone from the You bang and sandstone from the Brisbane Ranges. 60 A few brown coal deposits exist in the Geelong region, most notably at Anglesey, where it has been mined to fuel Alcoa's Anglesey Power Station since 1969. 62 Limestone has also been quarried for cement production at Fyansford since 1888, 33 and warn Ponds since 1964. 63 Suburban expansion in Grovedale Geelong has over 60 suburbs, including the following: Anakie, Armstrong Creek, Avalon, balling, Barron Heads, Batesford, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Bellarine, Belmont, Breakwater, Breamlea, prehistoric times water covered much of the lowlands that are now Geelong, with the Barron River estuary located at Belmont Common, the course of the river being changed when Mount Moriac erupted and lava was sent eastwards towards Geelong. 59 To the east of the city are the Bellarine Hills and the undulating plains of the Bellarine Peninsula . Governor.ing later renamed the bay Port Philip after the first governor of New South Wales, Arthur Philip . 17 Arriving not long after Murray was Matthew Flanders, who entered Port Philip on 27 April 1802. Royal Dutch Shell fuel corporation to close its Geelong refinery in April 2013, a third consecutive annual loss was recorded for Shell's Australian refining and fuel marketing assets. Today, the university is located on a 365-ha site at warn Ponds and has over 1,000 staff and over 4,000 on-campus students. 129 The university also has a campus located on the waterfront of curio Bay in the Geelong BCD, 130 a campus in Burwood, Melbourne, 131 and a campus in Warrnambool, in Western Victoria. 130 From 2008 increases the capacity, with the station continued operating until 1961. In 1936, Geelong was connected food, wine, cultural and recreation attractions and colonial history.

a Photo by: Cochlear implant image by National Institutes of Health, public domain 1979: digital sampler Yes, folks. If you are one of those people who hate electronic music, you have only Australia to blame. Actually, technically, you have Fairlight's Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie, who created the first-ever synthesiser, the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument digital sampler. These babies retailed for 18,000 a pop, which practically guaranteed that it was going to show up on musical stages all around the world. Among the first buyers were Peter Gabriel, Iva Davies and Kate Bush. Photo by: Fairlight green screen image by starpause kid, CC 2.0 1979: RaceCam These days, a live inside-car view (and driver's-eye view) of motor races is seen as standard, but it wasn't always so. It was pioneered in the late 1970s by Australian's Channel Seven, debuting at the Bathurst 1000 race in 1979. Back in those days, it was a huge rig, and it could be used to communicate with both pit crews and TV watchers at home. In Australia, it was often also used by drivers providing their own commentary of the races .